Updated my Furcode

I found it on my profile here, and as archaic as the furcode is I thought I'd try my hand at it again, 10 years after I generated my last one. It was interesting to see how much I'd grown, changed, and achieved...

Decode my furcode (at 16):
FCF6rs A C D++ H+++ M P++ R T++ W Z! Sm+ RL-* a- cn++ d- e- f- h* iw++ j++ p- sm+

Decode my furcode (at 26):
FCFm6rs A C+++ D H+++ M P++ R+ T++ W Z- Sm++ RLCT a clmn++++ d# e+++ f h++ i++ j+ p- sm+

Crummy day...

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me... v_v

Spend most of it in bed with a head cold, chest cold and fever, the party was a bit of a downer too, out of 15 people only 4 showed... Fun...


One more day down, getting closer to the edge;
One more baby step, another peer over the hedge;
One more deep breath in, and another out;
One more day down, another seed of doubt.


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